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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Sunninghill is committed to supporting each individual child to become the best version of themselves.

Our pupils will have a strong moral compass that will help them to be ethically, morally, environmentally and socially responsible now and into the future. Sunninghill pupils will enjoy a breadth of opportunities and experience a sense of awe and wonder academically and in the myriad of opportunities through music, sport and all our extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

We create an environment where children are happy because happy children learn well and thrive.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for all our children to succeed by:

Cultivating an environment full of opportunities and experiences for children to enjoy. Allowing children to develop their talents and discover new ones; academically, pastorally and through extra-curricular opportunities.

Maintaining a community full of heart within school but also that looks beyond to the wider community and globally.

Our Values

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Showing kindness to all members of the school community and beyond and to be supportive of one another.


To explore new pathways and to find ways of approaching challenges so we are ready for the future and can be adaptable to all opportunities.


To push ourselves to achieve the very best outcomes academically and be adventurous in all that we do.


To always give our best effort and to keep going even when things are hard.

Pupils are reminded of our School core values in all that they do. They are instilled during academic lessons, creative arts, sports and a vast array of extra-curricular activities. We have three 4 C’s lessons timetabled each week for our senior prep children.

Pupils are rewarded for displaying these core values and understanding them in depth. We award pupils with Well Done certificates, Academic Excellence trophies, Endeavor Cups and House Points.

House points are awarded for many positive things but can all be linked back to at least one of our core values.

Our aim is to embed these values into our pupils while they are with us at Sunninghill, so that following them becomes second nature, and carry these with them throughout their lives.