What are the options for pupils after Sunninghill Prep School?


As a Dorset prep school, we see ourselves as part of a community of independent and high quality local schools in the county and part of a learning journey that leads to adulthood.

Nearly all our pupils stay with us until the end of Form 8. Sunninghill is very much part of the wider academic community in the county. From here, our pupils join local independent schools such as Canford, Bryanston, Clayesmore, Sherborne and Milton Abbey. An increasing proportion go to The Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester.

The process of selecting your next school begins in Form 6 where we hold discussions with parents as to the range of schools available and more specifically which school might be the best match to a particular pupil. Staff at the school are on hand to support pupils and parents every step of the way.

Each year a number of children sit scholarships to some of the schools mentioned.