Academic rigour is part of everyday life at Sunninghill.

Driven by inspirational teachers who understand the need to go the extra mile, academic rigour is a standard part of everyday life at Sunninghill.

To achieve our shared ambitions, we set individual targets and closely monitor endeavour and performance, sending home effort grades every half term and attainment levels twice a year.

To celebrate and encourage achievement we hand out awards and certificates in Friday assemblies. We have a termly Academic, Music and Sporting Endeavour Awards assembly and an annual celebration of achievement in our end of year Speech and Prize Giving ceremony.

Perhaps as importantly, we also understand that performing The Merchant of Venice at Weymouth Pavilion, entering the Augusta Westland Flying Start STEM Challenge or joining a Cracking the Code Gifted and Talented Day is just as significant in shaping hearts and minds and preparing you for entry to your senior school of choice post 13+. We are conscious that, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

We also appreciate that our pupils must build up an array of skills through our Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTs) program that helps fulfil ambitions in Year 6 when sitting 11+ exams in Maths, English and Science and from there matching confidently onwards towards Year 8 when pupils sit a range of different exams for the senior school of their choice.

In particular, and from an early age, teachers encourage the ability to think creatively and work independently, both at school and at home. They understand that whilst clever children know the answers, bright children have the questions.